A Holiday Wednesday

Yesterday was the the 148th birthday anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, one of the greatest heroes of our country. In honor of this, I celebrated the day with waking up late just in time to the opening of Trinoma in QC. Talk about how nationalistic I can get. We planned on buying the LA Galaxy – Azkals friendly match tickets happening this Saturday to avail of the UFL discount (that’s 35% off the original price!). I personally find the original prices too expensive and i think a lot of local football fans share the same sentiment.

Arriving at Trinoma, it was around 1030 am, i was horrified to see the loooooooong lines at the Cinema Booth and wondered how many hours (?) it would take us to buy the tickets, everyone seemed to be in line for the latest movie screening and with it being a holiday, of course, the influx of people doubled that the usual. Good thing that Ticketworld had the good sense to put up a SEPARATE booth for their ticket selling and we found no one in line for that and got us our tickets in less than 10 minutes.

Since it was a holiday and holidays mean sleeping and rest for me, we went straight home and decided to doze the afternoon off in time for the Loyola Meralco Sparks vs Stallions UFL Quarterfinals match that night in University of Makati. I know I said that i’d stay away from anything football-related but my friends are playing for the Sparks, gotta show them my support and appreciation, eh? Besides, as much as I’m supporting their team, there’s this tiny spark of a hope in me that Stallions would win the game, just so they can give the Sparks one good beating. They didn’t and Loyola Meralco Sparks won the match that night. But i’m jumping ahead of my story.

Fast forward the day to 6PM that night. Slept for around 3 hours and still felt so groggy after waking up. Was craving for coffee to perk me up (Or maybe that was just an excuse for me to add a sticker for the Starbucks planner) so we headed to Starbucks – Lee Gardens where the usual friendly barista asked me again about football. In a hurry, i gave him a short version of what’s going on locally, not sure if he understood everything though but yeah well, i tried.

Arriving at the University of Makati (One can already see the floodlights even while passing by the Guadalupe Bridge), the place was jam-packed. A lot came out to watch the last quarterfinals match for the Cup. The grandstand was oozing with people. As Jay was looking around to look for our teammates, i couldn’t help but scan my eyes on the people, looking for Angel Locsin (Yes, showbiz ako that night) but I didn’t see her. (She was seated in the bleachers seat across the grandstand, away from the people as what our photographer told me, sayang)

90 minutes of football action ensued after with both teams earning a lot of bookings that night — Loyola GK Ref Cuaresma was handed a direct red card after hitting a Stallions player who kicked him even after he already has the ball, said player was handed a red card too. Later that night, Ref would tell me that it wasn’t a punch he threw, but he actually HEADBUTTED the player. Ouch. Malamang, red card nga. A 10-man Loyola team won the match versus a 9-man Stallions who stood their ground even as the game was turning out to be a very action-packed one, final score was 3-1.

Was so tired from the day. But nonetheless, it was a happy and fun one. The only challenging thing was waking up today and realizing that i have to go to work. Boo. Oh well. Back to reality.




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