And again.

Disappointment couldn’t even begin to describe how I feel. When I received the text message, I thought that it was just a prank though a tiny hint of the horrible truth seemed to be in it. But I waited and figured that until I get the official announcement, I wouldn’t believe any of it. That until I see it with my OWN eyes, then and only then will I believe that we were cut out and didn’t get it.

The first meeting with them, it was communicated that the standing would play a huge part along with the finances, development program and marketability of the team. Among the 7 new clubs, we are the only one who got in the Round of 16 that didn’t get in the cut. Why? We don’t know either. It’s so easy to think that some manipulation has been done, but I refuse to think so. Because as naive as others deem me to be, I’d like to believe that with the renaissance of football in the country, they might want to do something right this time. No more of the political BS that was so rampant before. I guess I was wrong.



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