Finally.After w…


After weeks of agonizing which network to choose for a good wi-fi at home, i ended up with the one i said i will not subscribe to the very first time – SUN. 

I initially wanted to get a SMART Rocket Wi-Fi because it boasts of the “widest coverage” in the country but also because i already have a SUN and Globe mobile line (which both works fairly okay). Add that to the fact that based on personal experience, SUN’s Customer Service is pretty slow and all Globe reviews i read weren’t exactly “glowing recommendations” but because SMART phased it out already, that left me with only two choices.

Globe wasn’t very easy to deal with. When i requested for requirements (i wanted to bundle the Wi-Fi with my existing plan), they said that i needed to submit proof of income of more than Php 20,000 and they have to lower my current line’s credit limit to accommodate it (which i find too bothersome) so here comes (the) SUN, which needed just a filled-up application form, a photocopy of any valid ID and then that’s it. Wait for 3 day as it’s subject for approval but at least, i didn’t have to go out of my way to prove my capability of paying them. In any event, I got the Pocket Wi-Fi after 3 days. Woohoo!

So hence, i’m writing this blog. And hopefully with the SUN Pocket Wi-Fi, i’ll be assured of being connected easily every time i need to.


(As for you SUN Pocket Wi-Fi, let’s be friends and rock this blogosphere from now on, shall we?)





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