Thoughts on Larry the Deuce’s What Am I?

Because I’m the greatest procrastinator i know.

The grandest and craziest ideas just seem to pass me by.

Collected in a dusty shelf I call my memory.

Because I’m the worst writer i have ever known.

(Wait, AM I  WRITER? I don’t seem to have written much)

I start. I stop. I paraphrase.

And i edit. Edit. Erase.

But because I want to give God glory, just like Larry.

I will continue to start. Paraphrase. Edit and erase.

But this time, I won’t stop.

Until I become the writer, that i want and am made to be.

(This post came about after being inspired by Larry’s blog What Am I? during a period of doubt and fear of actually chasing my dream of becoming a writer. I’m still chasing it. But at least, I am doing something now. And that something is guess what? ACTUALLY WRITING)


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