One Saturday Afternoon in The National Museum

I got my birthday present early this year. Surprised, amazed and excited couldn’t explain the full range of emotions that i felt when i opened the box and found this:

Image(photo taken using Blackberry 8520)

My first ever digital camera! and it’s a micro four-thirds! (Yeah. Whatever that means.)

I couldn’t wait to put it to test so that weekend, I decided to reconnect with my Filipino roots and go back to something that I used to be passionate growing up before I got  blinded by the corporate world — visit the National Museum and relive our history.

The post-war architecture still never ceases to take my breathe away in its simple grandeur.


I went in, prepared to pay the Php 100 entrance fee since the last time i’ve been there was during a college field trip for my Humanities II class but it turned out to be free! Which made me realize that it IS really my day then. Although I couldn’t help but wonder, was it always free? Did our professor then pocket the money so he can treat us to drinks after class? (Okay, that was a mean thought and I regretted it right after and decided that such a hundred pesos was such a small price to pay for the priceless things I’ll see inside)

A trip in the National Museum would never be complete without seeing the “essentials” — or better called as Collections. The Main Gallery or Hall of Masters in the first floor housed Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo art.

Spoliarium by Juan Luna that won him gold in the Madrid Expo in 1884.Image

Assassination of Governor Bustamante by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.Image

Sculptures, mixed media art and lighting installations can also be seen.


Eerie corridors, empty halls and renovations were also a highlight of my trip. For a moment, I felt like invisible eyes were on me as i traversed through them.ImageImageImage

The huge expanse covering the three floors of the building and flight of stairs one has to climb up was pretty tiring. But the ache in my feet went away when i saw this,Image

I knew then, I just had to climb it. And climb, I did. And when I looked down, I saw this,

Th view of the courtyard was astounding. I was transported in time as I pretended to be a member of the intelligentsia looking outside my window for inspiration for my next obra maestra.

But I was brought to reality with the sound of a floor polisher. (My immediate thought was, “panira ng moment si manong!“). Apparently, I was in an “Under Construction” restricted area and must get out. Soon.

I decided that I have taken enough pictures for the day and that I am more than satisfied with my new toy. Vowed to come back when I have tinkered enough with the settings (and when the new galleries are already done for more subjects).

And that one saturday afternoon in the National Museum was worth all the effort i made.

(All photos taken using a Lumix GF3 + f2.5 14mm. For a complete stream of the photos i took that day, kindly visit this link:


4 thoughts on “One Saturday Afternoon in The National Museum

  1. Hi Maan. I’ve been wanting to get a Micro Four myself but can’t decide yet whether I’ll get a Panasonic, Olympus or Nikon. Maybe you can run me down on the features or this unit that you liked the most. 🙂

    • Hi Arjay! I was never able to try Nikon as i believe they’re the last one to make a micro 4/3. I tried Olympus E-PL1 and Panasonic Lumix GF3. I liked GF3 better because the video is better and in HD than Olympus’. Plus it’s touch screen. As for the specs, it’s pretty much the same. Olympus has a better stabilization feature though 🙂

      • Thanks for that quick response. I’m leaning somewhat to Lumix at the moment since I’ve been scouring digital photography review sites and they get consistently good review. Congrats for owning one. Cheers!

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