I Want A Change.

“But it’s too early to be frustrated already, Maan.”

I had to tell this to myself over and over as the constant emails I get are leaning towards THAT. I really don’t mind swallowing my pride. That normally happens in any workplace and if you are humble enough to suck it in and take back everything you’ve said, it makes for a peaceful and more harmonious environment, right?

Never mind that your stands are taken for granted. The people are expected to be robots and just take everything in and do the commands. No questions asked. Hey, that’s part of the package in any employment. You’re at the bottom of the food chain. Expect no mercy. Even if you’ve somehow moved up already, still better to prepare yourself with the worst.

I think what ticks me off is that it seems that since Day 1, i always have to take back what I have said. Parameters that have been set to “improve” and “streamline” processes were being brushed off like an annoying fly as if they were not placed there for a reason. I hate seeming like I don’t have a backbone to stand up for these things. And to top it all off, the people I thought would be the first to back me up since they suggested and thought the same idea, are also the same ones telling me to drop the firmness and just succumb to it. There’s “no choice in the matter” anyway.

Maybe I’m too idealistic. Too advanced for what I’m capable of. Anyway, nothing is fair in this world so I should have expected this. But I didn’t expect this. I seriously didn’t.

The mindset that things and culture cannot be changed – whether at home, school, workplace or society – is so backward for me. Everything is ever-changing. Why can’t our culture and views and ways on doing things change too? It’s a matter of perspective.

In the same way that we allow people to step on us because we think it’s the culture or norm, because it’s already what everyone is used to, is the same way that we allow others to dictate how we should be treated and perceived. I think it’s high time we change this mindset.


We just need to want it.


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