Day 7: And There Was LIght

The night was lonely, dark and silent.

Shadows everywhere, rampant at night.

Excited for the time that your hand will be in mine.

The darkness will swallow as whole, our hearts together once more.

This night bringing us together, as we’ve anticipated.

Waited for.

But the light swallowed it all.


All This Negativity!

Sometimes, no, make that MOST of the time here in the office, I just want some people to shut up and stop complaining about anything and everything they can complain about. It’s so draining. And it’s not very helpful and encouraging to people who are trying to work and battle their own demons without hearing the complaints which are so trivial, really.

“Kaka-stress naman tong requirement na to! Ayoko na mag-trabahao! Pakigawa na nga ako ng termination letter please.”

“Tawag ka kasi ng tawag kanina, hindi na nga ako dapat papasok. Ayoko na pumasok! Nakakapagod magtrabaho!”

“Ano ba tong candidate na to, walang experience.. pauwiin na nga yan!”

Sometimes, it feels that they’re complaining just for the sake of it. Because there’s nothing better to do. Or say.

All the negativity results to deeper frustration. And sometimes, those who are not strong enough to ward off the things they hear become “infected’ with disillusion too.