How To Waste Your Time While Waiting For A Job Interview

Applying for a job nowadays is a lot easier. Thanks to the Internet, one can just go to a job portal, click an advertisement and voila! – your resume gets sent quickly. No more classified ads cut-outs from the previous Sunday, no walking to different companies with a dozen copies of your resume at hand, peddling it to whoever will accommodate you without any prior appointment or schedule. Job application is now a breeze.

Okay, that may be an exaggeration. There are still people who check the classifieds and still walk in hoping to be entertained even by the receptionist just to be able to send their bio-data out. But still, things are relatively easier and companies, along with the applicants, have now gone mobile.

After submitting your resume, now what? While you’re waiting for that call that may (or may never) come, here are some things you can do with your time:

1) Take note of the companies you have applied for. There was one time I called an applicant to invite him for an interview and he asked me two times which company I represent. After telling him our company name, he said that he didn’t remember applying because he just clicked the advertisements he saw randomly.

2) Research on the companies you have applied for. Never heard of Don’t know who or what Magellan Solutions is? Search the Internet! A lot of companies appreciate and take note when an applicant does his research. It shows how serious he is in his career development. Besides, wouldn’t you want to know what you’re getting yourself into?

3) Keep your mobile phone battery full. So this may sound weird, I know but hear me out. A lot of the companies nowadays contact their applicants via mobile phones more than through email because it’s quicker and the replies you get are real time. It’s important that you can be reached anytime because if not and you miss their call, chances of you being called again may be slim the second time.

4) Prepare your pre-employment requirements and government-given documents. Haven’t updated your status with the Social Security System? NBI Clearance expired? Then what better time than this to update everything! Some companies have a one-day hiring process – you get interviewed this morning and at the end of the day (or night) you already have a job offer and will start the following day which gives you absolutely no time to fix your documents. So while waiting for that call, have all these government documentation ready so that when a probable employer calls you for a job interview, you have it ready and they’ll see a proactive potential employee!

5) Be ready and flexible with your time. Today you get a call, tomorrow an interview, the next day is your first day at work. Sounds familiar? A lot of companies now are looking for potential employees who are available to start IMMEDIATELY so when they invite applicants for interview and you’re not available on the said date because, well, you have a beach trip with your buddies, then that sends out a negative impression that you don’t want the job as badly as the others who may be literally waiting outside their office doors. I’m not saying you don’t go on a vacation but probably schedule it on a weekend when offices are most likely to be closed as well.

There are a lot of other things that you can do while waiting for that job interview call. Spend time with your family, take up extra lessons to enhance your skills, go for a long drive to the country. No matter what you decide to “waste” your time on, make sure you do it productively.


Waiting for the Lord.

“Wait for the Lord, wait for the Lord”

Lord, I really need you to come through for me today. My work is on the line. Our department is on the line. Only Your favor, grace and mercy can turn things around. You are the Most Powerful One, no one else. Please Lord, please.

I’m scared. And maybe I have a good reason to be. Or none. because You are there. You help me and take good care of me and Your plans are great. I may not understand them now but Your plans are way better than what I can perceive. Hold me unto Your arms, Lord. I’m a bit fragile now. Slowly losing my breath with that panic, sinking in. I will not be in fear. Lord, I know You are here, beside me, even as I write and whine and freak out. No, You rebuke the work of the enemy for he is nothing to you, nothing but a tiny wisp of distraction. No, he will not prevail. BUT YOU WILL.

For You created the world. You conceived of this plan, even. And I will not give up. I will keep the faith. I will believe. Lord, help me please.