Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

And because this week’s challenge is all about focus – aperture and depths of field, I have included my amateur tinkering of these basics.

My trip to the National Museum of the Philippines proved to have a lot of opportunities to try these out. As museum artifacts go, it’s always nice to focus on something while trying to capture the whole background for a clearer picture of the setting. (Pardon the watermark per photo, I didn’t have time to remove them in these set of photos already)






I tried different points to focus on – this one is of the same picture but first focusing on the intricate grills of the staircase and then the next is capturing the people working down below.




This easel and old paints and brushes used for creating the unfinished portrait caught my eye.




For variety, I thought i’d focus on the belt found on this antique tribal costume which gave a lot of definition to the whole attire.


And that’s a wrap for this week’s Photo Challenge.

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