Stop it with the Christmas Countdown

I’ve been seeing Christmas countdowns on my Facebook and Twitter Feed and it’s driving me nuts. I know it’s a hundred days before Christmas but can we please slow it down a bit? I’m not even done planning for my wedding and it’s stressing me out!

(Please Lord, please come through for us on this one. You know what we need and when we need it. Please, please, PLEASE.)


Book Hauls Vol. 1

September 11 is the start of the 2013 Manila International Book Fair happening at the SMX Convention Center. This would also be the first time in three years that I wouldn’t be able to drop by since I just moved to General Santos City last March (which is in Mindanao, down south the Philippine archipelago). Good thing that as the city just recently celebrated the week-long Tuna Festival, a lot of stores participated in the city-wide sale and discounts being offered to attract more tourists (a marketing strategy that didn’t seem to work this year) including National Book Store.

BOOKenhearted (pun intended) as I was, I decided to literally rummage and scour the shelves for good discounts, some even as low as 70% off from their original prices!


My stash of 7 new books amounted to just around 800 bucks and most of them, excluding The Sherlockian who had a crumple in the cover, were in brand new, plastic-covered condition.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE HOLY SHROUD (Julia Navarro) – a fiction about the mystery surrounding the famous relic, The Holy Shroud of Turin.

THE BOOK OF LIES (Brad Meltzer) – a fiction novel relating the murder of Abel by Cain to a murder mystery in the 1920s.

HENRY VIII: WOLFMAN (A. E. Moorat) – a retelling of the Tudor reign of Henry VIII with a slightly canine twist.

A GRIEF OBSERVED (C.S. Lewis) – a collection of the author’s reflections after the death of his wife.

WITCH & WIZARD (James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet) – the first book in a series, it’s about a witch and a wizard (hence, the title I bet) living in a dystopian society and imprisoned for possessing magical abilities.

TOXICOLOGY (Jessica Hagedorn) – chronicles two women living in Manhattan’s West Village and their quest for love, fame and money.

THE SHERLOCKIAN (Graham Moore) – mystery novel about the death and resurrection of Sherlock Holmes in the hands of his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and its connection to a modern-day mystery in New York.


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Last summer I went on a vacation in Kalibo, Aklan, birthplace of the Ati-Atihan Festival. Nope, I didn’t actually go there for that event, had to go for a baptism of a friend’s son. Anyway, it was my second time to go there and since not much has changed, i didn’t take that much pictures of the sites I went to previously but instead decided to take photos of random often-unnoticed things from my perspective. Yes, I’m weird that way.

One of the streets in the city was named after our country’s National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal who was martyred in Bagumbayan for writing subversive novels against the Spanish friars. ¬†Funny though because Rizal was actually from Cavite, a town way up north the Philippine Islands.



Walking around, I came across this old triangular rotunda with a 2-floor waiting shed in the middle. I couldn’t resist the abandoned look on it and I knew I had to go up and check out the view from the top and so I did.¬†


And it wasn’t as majestic as I thought. So much for that. But it was still an experience to observe the motorcycles and cars passing along. To see things in a different light, experience them in a different way.

For more samples of this photo challenge, check this link out.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The sea is a lot of things for so many people. A place to cool down during summer. Or for any other weather.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

A place of livelihood for fishermen, relying on the daily catch for sustenance.

P1050211A playground for the kids and adults alike.



But for me ultimately, the sea is a place to bask in the presence of the Lord, whom without Him, I wouldn’t have this great scenery and place to enjoy.

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