Book Hauls Vol. 1

September 11 is the start of the 2013 Manila International Book Fair happening at the SMX Convention Center. This would also be the first time in three years that I wouldn’t be able to drop by since I just moved to General Santos City last March (which is in Mindanao, down south the Philippine archipelago). Good thing that as the city just recently celebrated the week-long Tuna Festival, a lot of stores participated in the city-wide sale and discounts being offered to attract more tourists (a marketing strategy that didn’t seem to work this year) including National Book Store.

BOOKenhearted (pun intended) as I was, I decided to literally rummage and scour the shelves for good discounts, some even as low as 70% off from their original prices!


My stash of 7 new books amounted to just around 800 bucks and most of them, excluding The Sherlockian who had a crumple in the cover, were in brand new, plastic-covered condition.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE HOLY SHROUD (Julia Navarro) – a fiction about the mystery surrounding the famous relic, The Holy Shroud of Turin.

THE BOOK OF LIES (Brad Meltzer) – a fiction novel relating the murder of Abel by Cain to a murder mystery in the 1920s.

HENRY VIII: WOLFMAN (A. E. Moorat) – a retelling of the Tudor reign of Henry VIII with a slightly canine twist.

A GRIEF OBSERVED (C.S. Lewis) – a collection of the author’s reflections after the death of his wife.

WITCH & WIZARD (James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet) – the first book in a series, it’s about a witch and a wizard (hence, the title I bet) living in a dystopian society and imprisoned for possessing magical abilities.

TOXICOLOGY (Jessica Hagedorn) – chronicles two women living in Manhattan’s West Village and their quest for love, fame and money.

THE SHERLOCKIAN (Graham Moore) – mystery novel about the death and resurrection of Sherlock Holmes in the hands of his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and its connection to a modern-day mystery in New York.



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