Championship Sunday!

It was an amazing win for both my teams last Sunday in two different leagues. (Yes, i’m a football addict that way)

My all-women’s team, Perx FC won the finals against our alumni team, UP with a 2-0 score in the Loyola Invitationals.


This team beat us during the eliminations, 3-0. We were doing so great in the first 45 minutes and all blows came during the second half. Possession was great and attempts, though minimal, were mostly from our end. It was quite unfortunate and the score made us realize how lolas (loosely translated: old) we all are. And our fitness sucks. We could only last for 45 minutes. So imagine our surprise when we actually got to the finals and more so when we actually won it!

Jean fighting for ball possession.


Bea going against a UP player.


Fitness coach, Armand with the girls in huddle.


(I didn’t play that day though as my sprained ankle is still swollen and I don’t want to aggravate it any further. Plus ze doctor-boyfriend is adamant i rest it. So too bad for me.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of Katipunan, a certain blue-colored team, is fighting for the top spot in the Mixed Fun Division of the 2012 Ateneo Football League.

I arrived in Ateneo during the second half and it was already 7-2 in favor of us. We were playing against Team Popoys and I knew pretty much some of the players from their team as they were my teammates in UP before. (Hello Nina, Teri and Brie!) We won the game with a final score of 8-3. Team Captain Gene Lee received the Best Goalkeeper Award while Team Top Scorer Cholo Catahan won the Most Valuable Player Award.

Jay in action.


Cholo and his last goal for the game.


UP Fighting Maroons represent!Image

ACU 2.


Despite not playing, I got tired cheering for two games at the same day (and almost the same time!). But it’s a good problem, right? Now I know that football is, indeed, here to stay!

(For the more photos of the Loyola Invitationals and AFL Mixed Fun Division Finals, please visit this site: