Not Your Regular Fairytale

Last Tuesday, I decided to watch the movie Snow White and The Huntsman everyone was buzzing about. It starred Kirsten Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron so with the fame that accompanied the three actors, i figured I’d be in for something. Of course, i had to lower my expectations since I also saw the movie Mirror Mirror featuring Julia Roberts a few months back, and really, how many more adaptions of Snow White can you do, right?

Off to Rockwell and with it being a holiday (it’s the Philippine Independence 144th Anniversary), I anticipated a large flock of people (mostly students, on my mind) to catch the movie as a last hurrah before school starts. Good thing, people opted to stay home as indicated by the short line in buying tickets and the number of available seats. Either they’re celebrating the holiday somewhere, preparing for the school year or they used up all their money for tuition (I highly doubt, this IS Rockwell I’m talking about, ako lang yata ang pulubi dito), I have no idea but I’m pretty glad they’re not there so choosing seats weren’t that difficult.

(This poster somehow reminds me of Game of Thrones. Probably because of the color and weapon and the beautiful but evil queen. Or pretty much the same eerie setting. Maybe.)

Powerplant Mall Cinema 1 isn’t exactly the nicest cinema. We sat at the last row and it was so narrow! Once we were seated, our legs pretty much covered the whole space/aisle. So every time someone would have to pass by us to get to their seats, we have to stand up. Every single time. So much for convenience.

So this is the usual Snow White story. Except for the bigger role they gave The Huntsman, who in the original story was a rather forgettable character. Cinematography and setting was superb. I liked how dark the forest and castle was. Really eerie and majestic at the same time. Plus its setting by the seashore added drama.

The only thing I didn’t like (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) was the love triangle between Snow White-The Huntsman-William(Snow White’s childhood best friend). I am a sucker for best friends falling in love with each other and this movie is no exception so I was really anti the whole Snow White and Huntsman love story. (I believe that William deserved her love since he never stopped looking for her and thinking of her all those years she was imprisoned in the castle). Good thing, the movie never actually brought Snow White and the Huntsman together. Well, except for his kiss that woke her up.

One thing that i also couldn’t figure out was how Kirsten Stewart is more beautiful than Charlize Theron. Come on, it’s Charlize! But of course, someone HAS to play Snow White in this movie and in the story, she is MORE beautiful than the evil queen. Sadly. I’m not sure too if it was just me but somehow, i can’t seem to take Kirsten Stewart from her character, “Bella” in the Twilight Series and with the creepy forest and her costume, I don’t think it helped at all to remove that “mindset”. But hey, that just means she’s effective as “Bella”, right?

Anyway. The movie was so-so in my opinion. The take was different, since Snow White was more of a warrior in this movie. Something to look forward to if you’re into star-studded movies with beautiful faces. And if you’re into a different take on your regular fairy tales. Not for the Disney fan though – you’ll be disappointed.