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This is technically my nth attempt at writing and maintaining a blog. I have been writing since i was younger on different platforms also. From diaries with locks, journals that are overpriced (but looked way too cool to pass up), Bloggr, Facebook Notes, WordPress, my own site and then back to WordPress again (because it’s cheap) – it doesn’t matter where I do it. Sometimes the urge to just spin words and record my thoughts are too overpowering to keep them in and I simply have to jot everything down, even to the misspelled word (which is very embarrassing, by the way).

This is my nth attempt at writing AND blogging. I hope I stick to it this time.


2013: The Year That Was

I wonder why most of the New Year’s post i encounter recall how “2013 was such a blast!” and that they “can’t wait for 2014 and its surprises” with much “!!!.” Not that i don’t share the same sentiment. I guess, the negative side of me just seems to think that too much recognition of how 2013 was amaaaaazing really is one’s way of sugar-coating how unpleasant it was.

OKAY. That was such a douche-bag thing to say. Fine. I take it back.

I was planning on starting a post that would outline my whole 2013, good and bad. Of course, my tiny mind wouldn’t be able to recollect every single thing that happened. And I guess a list of highlights would just do.

1) CITY GIRL TO SOUTHERN BELLE. Of course, when i say Southern, i’m pertaining to the third largest island of the Philippines – Mindanao. Moving to Mindanao or General Santos City to be exact, was the farthest thing from my mind when 2013 started. Just a background, i got engaged to a doctor in 2012 and he was about to set his medical practice in his hometown, which happens to be in Mindanao. To cut the long story short, after I marry him, we’d have to settle in Gen San. ANYWAY. I honestly thought that things would probably still work out for him and his career in Manila. I was born and raised and lived for my whole 29 years in Manila, there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY i am moving. But, God has a plan (of course He does! but more of that later) and while i was absolutely resistant to the transfer, i still am adjusting by the way, my April 25 flight to General Santos City opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me that I’m pretty sure I would never have encountered had I stayed.

2) FROM 1 DOG TO 4. Yes, FOUR. Okay, so here’s where the blessings and favor of moving to Gen San started. I initially had a shih tzu dog named Rafa given by my best friend Abby that i totally adore. Our pastor from church and also ninong and ninang in our wedding, presented us with not just one but two dogs as an advance wedding present. Pepper, a standard schnauzer and Shadow, a miniature (NOT SO) schnauzer became Rafa’s playmates at home. Come October, Jay’s aunt asked me what gender i’d prefer for a labrador and i thought she was just asking for my opinion when she buys her own. Turns out, she already has two labs that had puppies and she decided to gift me one (another advance wedding present) to add to my growing “collection.” Oh, sorry, I meant family 😛

3) I GOT MARRIED. Which was a testimony of God’s greatness in my life. From the time I met Jay and we became friends, during our engagement, favor in planning and wedding suppliers, provision that usually comes out of nowhere (jay and I had absolutely NOTHING when we got engaged and God provided everything for us), GRACE during the whole time and FAITH to believe that He will see us through. More than marrying the man of my dreams, the one i prayed for – our wedding was evidence of God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promises. I had never felt so precious in His eyes (and there were gazillion of times that God saw me through but this one is different) than during the time that we were planning everything and until we said our vows in front of God (and our guests) knowing that I am obeying His will for me. Also, my brother and dad walked me to the altar and it was the sweetest and happiest moment of my life, I cried. So everyone thought i was crying because I saw Jay’s face when in reality, i was really crying because I can imagine my mom with us that day and our family has never felt so complete than it was that day with just the three of us in front of God.

4) NEW FAMILY. NEW FRIENDS. NEW CHURCH. Jay’s family welcomed me immediately and regarded me as their own soon as I got here. Tita Let (Mommy) and Tito Jun (Da) made sure that I was more than cared for and was thoughtful and considerate enough to adopt me when i was still looking for an apartment. Even Jay’s brothers and aunts welcomed me with open arms. Friends from the Dog Club (Yes, i’m a certified member of the Canine Club of South Cotabato now) have not just shown hospitality to a newcomer like me but also taught me a lot of things i now know in taking care of my dogs. Without them, i would probably have cried already, not knowing what to do when Pepper gave birth (Thanks Rizza and Wella for adopting her for a while) and wouldn’t be able to travel to Manila for wedding preps because there would be no one to look after the monsters, i mean, doggies. Also Uncle Bot, who has always treated me like another daughter (and who gave me the monster-lab) would always be willing to adopt ze dogs and give free vet advice whenever necessary, thank you. It saved us a lot instead of going to the vet clinics here in Gen San. HAHA. Next is Victory. Ah.. It’s always the same wherever church you go – HONOR GOD and MAKE DISCIPLES. I am now again, being discipled. Thanks to this spiritual family, I have new friends i can share my life with, laugh and discuss struggles whenever sadness comes over me about being in a “foreign” place. Lasting friendships with these people are being developed even as i speak (or write).

5) WRITING. I have always wanted write. I have always dreamed of being able to write. I have always decided to write. But then, I have never gotten over my fear of writing. I used to write/blog as a release. My thoughts were so personal, reading them now makes me wanna get run over by a bus because it was not just too personal and graphic, it also has no point. But thank God for the free time i have as I got to writing and blogging again (not as much as I would have wanted but still a good start). It also provided an avenue for me to improve the way i string the words and thoughts together. And while i still have a long way to go, an online news daily took the risk (I don’t know what they were thinking and i hope they never find out) of getting me on board to write and rehash news for them. WHICH IS SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO SINCE FOREVER. Well, maybe not forever but ever since I realized that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Recruitment and HR is not the job for me.

So, while I cannot say that my 2013 was “soooooooo amazing i could die”, I definitely could say that it was truly a blessed and fulfilling one for me. I have been pushed to my limits, rejected and praised, sure and unsure of so many things during this year. But God has always been the constant one in all of these situations, transitions and milestones. I will always be forever grateful for the year that was because I know that my God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Benefits of Biblical Christianity (I)

A very good read that outlines the truths and what it means to be a Christian in a world who hates them.


balance weigh scaleRecently in our city a group of humanists and skeptics posted a billboard ad along a major freeway proclaiming, “Millions of Americans are living happily without religion.” Among other things, it begs the question, what difference does it make to be a Christian? Will those who become Christians live more happily? Are the benefits “worth it”?

Reconciled to God

The positive benefits of biblical Christianity are vast, both present and future. In the present, by faith and repentance in Jesus Christ, the person who has become a Christian is reconciled to the one true God, Creator of the heavens and the earth. He/she is now at peace with the God whom they were previously estranged from; whose eternal wrath they had faced because of a rebel life of sin and self. For the Christian, the penalty of impending, deserved punishment has been satisfied by Christ.

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Waiting for the Lord.

“Wait for the Lord, wait for the Lord”

Lord, I really need you to come through for me today. My work is on the line. Our department is on the line. Only Your favor, grace and mercy can turn things around. You are the Most Powerful One, no one else. Please Lord, please.

I’m scared. And maybe I have a good reason to be. Or none. because You are there. You help me and take good care of me and Your plans are great. I may not understand them now but Your plans are way better than what I can perceive. Hold me unto Your arms, Lord. I’m a bit fragile now. Slowly losing my breath with that panic, sinking in. I will not be in fear. Lord, I know You are here, beside me, even as I write and whine and freak out. No, You rebuke the work of the enemy for he is nothing to you, nothing but a tiny wisp of distraction. No, he will not prevail. BUT YOU WILL.

For You created the world. You conceived of this plan, even. And I will not give up. I will keep the faith. I will believe. Lord, help me please.

All This Negativity!

Sometimes, no, make that MOST of the time here in the office, I just want some people to shut up and stop complaining about anything and everything they can complain about. It’s so draining. And it’s not very helpful and encouraging to people who are trying to work and battle their own demons without hearing the complaints which are so trivial, really.

“Kaka-stress naman tong requirement na to! Ayoko na mag-trabahao! Pakigawa na nga ako ng termination letter please.”

“Tawag ka kasi ng tawag kanina, hindi na nga ako dapat papasok. Ayoko na pumasok! Nakakapagod magtrabaho!”

“Ano ba tong candidate na to, walang experience.. pauwiin na nga yan!”

Sometimes, it feels that they’re complaining just for the sake of it. Because there’s nothing better to do. Or say.

All the negativity results to deeper frustration. And sometimes, those who are not strong enough to ward off the things they hear become “infected’ with disillusion too.