My Name Should Be On That Government Project Tarpaulin. I AM A TAXPAYER.

It irks me to watch GMA News TV’s Investigative Documentaries now.

A run-down of majority of public schools both in the Metro and in the provinces showed that most of their previous provincial names have been changed, by virtue of a local government order of (fill in the city/province name), to the current mayor/governor/public official designated’s name.

Neptali Gonzalez Public High School (Gonzalez is a former Senator) in Mandaluyong. Ismael Mathay Sr. High School (Mathay is a former Mayor) and Castelo Public School (Castelo is a former Congressman) in Quezon City. There’s even a Golezeum in Paranaque! (Who else but a narcissistic prick would call a covered court GOLEZEUM?!)


(photo taken from

(photo taken from

Not only that but monstrosities we call plastic tarpaulins, barangay vehicles in bright colors and even waiting sheds bear the face, name or even just the initials of the current mayor/barangay chairman can be found on every street corner we pass.



Nakakapang-init ng ulo at kulo ng dugo.

The nerve of these ex-politicos and “public servants” (I shudder at the thought) to put their faces on these huge tarpaulins, to name cemented buildings and public places after them or their dead kin. They were elected on a public position for a reason — to create projects that would benefit the people and not themselves!

I’m paying my taxes diligently. I HAVE NO CHOICE. It gets deducted on my paycheck every single month automatically. It is my responsibility as a citizen of the Philippines to give it back and I trust (blindly even) and believe that it will be put to good use. Those streetlights that guide my way at night, paved roads to pass through on my way to the office. A bustling Barangay Hall that assures me of help and minimum security within my residence. These are the things that I know my taxes will pay for.

But I have never requested for my name to be posted in any tarpaulin. NEVER.

Because I know that it is my duty to pay it. So why the heck do these politicians think that just because they “piloted” or headed a projects allows them the pleasure of seeing their names on print, posted for everyone to see as if it was their idea and THEIRS ALONE to come up with that?!

I understand that “CREDIT SHOULD BE GIVEN WHERE CREDIT IS DUE” so how come I don’t see my name or the name of my office mate, the janitor in our building, the waitress that serves our food, the bus driver and all the other taxpayers I know on those banners or schools!

And to add salt to the injury, some would even say:Image

(photo taken from 

As if I need reminding THROUGH A PLASTIC POSTER THAT HAS HIS FACE PLASTERED ON IT where my taxes actually go. I think it’s already a given that my taxes should go on that project! Really now?

I wasn’t aware that I would also be paying for your branding, campaign materials and other self-absorbed paraphernalia without my permission. I don’t think that it’s part of my responsibility as a citizen of this country. And it’s not even campaign period yet. I can just imagine how much worse things are going to get when the elections get nearer.

It’s not going to be easy, removing these things and transforming the mindset of these politicos, no wonder a lot of Filipinos are getting disillusioned and apathetic.

I may not be able to change everything or anything for that matter but I will do the best that I can in the simplest way I know — to continue to hope and pray for the best of this country. And I will not vote for a person just because I see his/her face in every street lamp I pass by.

Or better yet, I will put up my own tarpaulin instead.