100 Happy Days Challenge


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It’s not that I’m not happy or finds it difficult to be happy. I thought this would be a great exercise to remember and appreciate the things God continues to bless me with. Sometimes, with the busyness of life, we tend to forget and take for granted the things which makes us happy. Those moments that makes us smile. Sometimes, with so much negative fodder the world feeds us, all we see is the pain, hurt, lack, discontent that lives in every corner of the world. This challenge aims to keep that in check.

I really hope I get to finish it. Maybe you can too. We can do the challenge together! Just visit the 100 Happy Days site to know how the challenge is done and register. I will be posting my hundred happy things/thoughts/points in my Tumblr page. Hope you can visit and be reminded that everyday is a chance to be happy and grateful.